Sell or Die with Customer Service

It’s a reality, in any service environment, if those who are providing a reactive service are not successfully selling, wherever and whenever the customer touches the business – the business function of service will die.

The burden of a service cost centre cannot be carried in the business world of today, it has to be paid for and who better to pay for it than those people tasked with its support activity – customer service agents/personnel.

‘No way, impossible, crazy, stupid, we provide customer services, our clients need us to fix their problems and make sure they are happy with their purchase.’  Yes, I totally agree, job well done.  However, what better time to ‘up-sell’ or ‘cross sell’ a customer than when they have just been totally satisfied with the quality of the service that you have provided them with.

There was a saying banded around the industry by Peter Drucker I believe, who said ‘If you’re not selling you best be supporting someone who is’, not anymore, if you’re not selling you’re a liability.  Everyone from the receptionist, doorman, junior staff all the way to the top is a sales person – period.  Everyone is involved in adding emotional value every time a prospect, customer or client touches the business, that emotional value, in turn affects the future financial value.  In the competitive and costly business environment of today, the business must ‘Sell or Die within Customer Service’.

The truth is we are all motivated by two things in life, Pain and Pleasure and too many people in a customer service environment see too much pain associated with putting themselves out to learn to sell.  Their more pleasurable option is to keep doing what they’re doing, no waves, no change, life is easy, after all, they didn’t take the job to sell – did they?

So get you customer service staff trained in basic sales techniques, in fact get everybody trained, at worst give them a few ‘upsell’ and ‘cross-sell’ skills to add value to your business when a possibility to do so happens.

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