Exhibitions & Shows Work

Participation in an exhibition proves ‘Face To Face’ sales and marketing works better than any other form of business promotion.

It gives business owners the opportunity to have their products seen, heard, tasted, touched and when possible demonstrated, which always motivates people to buy more of your offerings.

Shows also provide new businesses with the opportunity to engage with prospects and build that relationship of trust which ultimately converts them into long term clients and buyers.

Yes, the internet is the way to go and in the long term will prove very productive but just opening a ecommerce shop and sitting back to wait for visitors could bring financial ruin even before your business got off the ground.  Work Live Shows to Work On-Line Businesses it’s a great model and financially its self-supporting, choose the right shows and the profit you make will enable you to grow your business, invest more online, do more shows, meet more people, close more business, invest …. its almost self-Financing.

Just look at some of these statistics of visitors to well-known shows:-

  • The Bake & Cake Show more than 75,000 keen consumers and passionate professionals.
  • Ideal Home Show 2016 expected numbers over 16 day period 265,000
  • BBC Good Food Show expected numbers over 4 day period 60,000
  • The Gadget Show Live expected numbers 75,000 over 4 day period
  • Crufts Dog Show expected numbers 160,000 over 4 day period

Don’t take my word for it go visit their sites  and check out the exhibitors information pages as that is where those types of stats are kept.