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George Cornelius is an independent developer of people who specialises in driving call centres, contact centres, and customer service environments to maximise their sales and service offerings through the development of their most valuable asset – people.

With a vast array of skills and knowledge gained whilst working in different business markets, structures, cultures and processes, he is uniquely positioned to bring real value to any organisation seeking to get results from its business and their customer facing employees.

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We have all witnessed the acceleration of business mergers, the numbers of jobs created and lost, the speed of new product launches, the advance of internet marketing and the growth of innovative technologies enabling and encouraging customer choice as never before.

And now, in these times of economic crisis and uncertainty, where it’s so easy for an employee to inadvertently mishandle a customer relationship and all too difficult for the business to recover from that service failure – it’s time to recognise and accept the importance of managing and delivering a superior experience at whatever point the customer touches the business – especially where human factor has influence.

The customer is now 'King' and their experiences play a pivotal role in their continued patronage of a company and as such the business of today must invest in their customer facing employees to ensure that they are all uniquely positioned to deliver and support any sales generating engagement.

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Purdue University - USA, state

92% of U.S. consumers base their image of an organization on their experience using the Call Centre or Contact Centre.
'If you make a customer unhappy in the physical world, they may tell 6 friends.

If you make a customer unhappy on the internet they can tell 6,000 friends'
... Jeff Bezos
'Every customer that you keep, is one less than you have to find'
... Nigel Sanders