Get Your Mind Set in Order

We become a reflection of what we think to the point that, what we focus on most – we get. It’s a well known fact that people become depressed because they talk themselves in to a depressed emotional state. It also a well known fact that people have achieved incredible things in life purely because they believed with all certainty they could.

It’s well demonstrated that successful people have learned to control their inner personal dialogue in a manner that proactively improves their emotional state and as a result positively influences their outcomes and actions.

For example, successful business people do not go to their appointments saying to themselves internally that the meeting will be a total waste of time – quite the opposite they believe they will come away with an order or something productive to take forward. I personally believe you can always get something positive from any meeting or business discussion.  That belief affects my inner voice, my emotional state, my actions and ultimately my outcomes.

We all have the ability to create or heavily influence self-fulfilling prophecies, therefore it follows that if we wish to succeed in any business we must firstly ensure that we believe we can succeed.


Get your mind set in order!  You this tool

  • Recognise your inner dialogue, what you are saying to yourself, is controlling your thoughts
  • Your thoughts are controlling how you feel at that particular time
  • Your feelings are controlling how well or bad you do what you are about to do
  • But ultimatley it’s only what you do, your actions, that will give you a result an outcome

So before you act be aware of your inner dialogue at that moment in time, make sure you are controlling what you are saying to yourself in a positive manner, then do it!

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