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Business Not Selling?

Then It’s Dying!


Change What You’re Doing to

Change What You’re Getting

It’s a reality – if you keep doing what you’re doing in your business and its not working, then unless you change what you’re doing the negative outcomes will always be the same, nothing will improve, nothing will change, disaster looms.

Your business will not grow, it will not prosper, you will not make profit and the business will eventually die, with no regard for all that effort, hard work and the cash invested to support your baby.  It really doesn’t have to be like that.

I can help you brave people who have chosen to start a new business.  I can help those entrepreneurs who have already started their business but may not be selling as much as they would like, and I can help those who have been in business a while, but for whatever reason, recognise their business is stagnating, failing or dying.  But you need click here and ACT NOW!

I will give you an honest opinion and if I can help you sell more product then we will discuss a way forward.

Here is a list of some of the things I can help you with

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Web Development

Built using the latest technology that is SEO friendly, easilt adaptable to meet a fast changing business world. Built to allow easy changes to products or copy.

Web Design

We use the latest designs, they are attractive, easily found and engaging, making it easier to sell your products or services.

Sell at Live Events

Sell at Live Events to grow your on-line business – 1000’s conditioned prospects passing your stand.  Incredible opportunities to sell and grow.

Increase Sales

In the competitive market of today increasing sales month on month is a major requisite for success – if your business is not doing that its dying!


Don’t have the time to do all those small projects and tweets or want to start some major changes to you existing site then why not outsource that work to me.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click advertising is crucial for on-line business success but can be a very costly and confusing mistake.  Get expert support

Marketing Support

Provide you with on-going support, technically, emotionally and consistently so that you are never slowed down in timely and costly marketing activity.

Social Media

Social Media is a powerful influence for when people are making purchasing decisions – powerful! DO IT!  But let us make sure you’re doing correctly.

Organic SEO

Organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) having a great site is great but only if it’s easily found – period!  Locate Key Words and building them into copy.

EMail Marketing

Email marketing can produce huge sales and passive income – the money is in the list – but how do you build a list and then automate it cost effectivley?

Profitability Up

Reduce cost of sale and then upsell and cross sell to add value to each conversion – work a live show circuit and build face to face relationships.

Amazon & Ebay

To sell or not to sell – Really depends on your product or service – but if you can you must!  A costly and time consuming activity without the knowledge


Need some one on one coaching and support, not sure what direction to take or how to get there – I can help you there.

Content Marketing

If you can write about it you can sell it, be it product, service or information to grow your followers.  It’s important to write Fresh copy consistently.


Do you need a quality business presentation to turn into a video for your web site or social media, you can outsource that to me.


If you don’t know what’s happening then you don’t know what to change to make it happen positively – you will just keep getting what you’re getting.

Video Marketing

Video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic, according to Cisco by 2017!  This route to market is going to be critical to your success.

Lead Generation

Leads are the life blood of any business – If you are not getting a consistent flow of convertible leads then you have no solid business growth going forward!

Sales Expertise

Everyone in a business must be a salesperson, an influence, a perception manager, EVERYONE!  It’s your job to ensure they are!

Sales Reports

Reports of every sale ordered, made and shipped, the returns, profitability and stock control – simple by using inexpensive software for instant analytics.

Customer Service

Customer Service is dead long live Customer Engagement and Customer Relationship Management.  Don’t just talk it deliver it!

Print Design

Producing a visual communication that sells to a targeted audiences is critical, building and designing it quickly a critical new business sales process.

Build Your Site

Want to be able to develop and design your own Word Press site then I can help you set it all up, provide some support, and direction.

Build Your Brand

What is your brand?  What emotional state does it encourage? Who are your judges? How can you motivate them so they willing buy more?

Not acted? Then let me ask you a couple of quick questions: –

  • Does your eCommerce site produce as many sales as you would like?
  • Look at your web site, are you pleased with it, does it manage your customer’s perception in a positive way?
  • Do you have the time to make it FRESH with new content every month?
  • Is your web site generating enquiries and as many leads and conversions as you expected?
  • Does the web site portray a modern, progressive, forward thinking and trustworthy business?
  • Is your web site helping you to drive towards maximising your sales and business objectives?

For many growing entrepreneurial and start up businesses owners, the answer will probably be ‘No’

I think I know a few reasons why!

  • Is it because you didn’t get into your business to manage, maintain and develop an eCommerce website?
  • Is it because you didn’t get into your business to manage a number of time consuming social networks?
  • Is it because you simply do not have the hours in a day to make it work for you, instead of against you?
  • Is it because you’re not very technically aware?

I believe you started your business to sell your product or service and make profits.

Whereas I did start this business to do all of that, that is my business, that’s what I do and I can release you from that burden by managing that complete and complex side of your business freeing up time to allow you to put your efforts into growing it.

Let me help you grow your business, email me and take massive ACTION today

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What a few of my clients say about me and my work

We are very pleased with our new brand identity and the way George conducts his business. It has been a great experience working with him and it’s already certain that we will hire him again.

Ian BeckenhamMD - Beckenham Engineering GroupMactech Europe

George successfully helped us with the development of a web site concept that helped us build brand awareness and grow our business in a very competitive market place.

Paul HoyleDirector - KAEFER CDKAEFER CD

George has helped us grow our on-line sales business year on year, he acts quickly, is reliable and works hard for our business.  He has added substantial turnover and profitability to us.

Rob Ziederman MD - Berghoff GB

George is a unique individual, not only can he sell he can design and combines his past knowledge to make great websites that produce sales,  In addition, he is always making suggestions and putting ideas forward to help my business grow – Use him!

Robert EllisMuebles 43

Some varied web examples – Check Them Out!

Berghoff GB

Alenda Hills

Linen Mills

Quesada Fish & Chips

Muebles 43

Mactech Europe

Portofino Restaurant

LCC & TV Group


George Cornelius

Delivering a Sales Seminar to 200 Sales Agents

Masa International in Spain

Trained Call Centres of 400 + Sales Agents

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Sales Training

Exhibition Stand Training

Exhibitions – Business Generation

Market Sales & Promotions

Festivals – Close More Business

Retail – Improving Sales

Cornelius at a Glance

I have built several very successful sales training and customer services companies in the UK over a twenty five year period.  During that time, I was retained by many well-known global brands to improve their profitability by increasing and growing sales through the development of their most valuable asset – People.

Amongst these many clients that I trained were, Buckingham Palace, Travelocity, American Express, Dixons Stores Group, Holiday Inn, Midland Bank and Airtours and many more.

I also spent a number of years as a live demonstrator selling various products at shows and exhibitions like The Good Food Show, The Ideal Home Show, County & Country Shows, The Gadget Show, Crufts and a number of markets and food festivals all over the UK.

Since 2013 I have been totally dedicated and focused on sharing my past sales experience, exposure and knowledge with start-ups and entrepreneurial type businesses that wish to grow both their online and offline business year on year.

Want to discuss how? Email me now at and I will schedule a call with you to discuss how we can grow your business together.

A Sell or Die Mind Set

Proactive Digital Sales & Marketing is generally viewed by the growing entrepreneurial businesses as a major cost and a time consuming trial and error pain.  However, if activated and implemented correctly the investment required can be minimal, yet the returns immense.

In saying that, owners must first consider when growing the businesses of today there is only one sustainable competitive advantage available, and that is ‘Learning and implementing eCommerce strategy, change and growth, faster than your competitors’

The huge challenge here is, unless you already have that knowledge the improvement process will take you time to learn, longer to implement and then longer still to get positive results.

Yet by using an eCommerce specialist partner your positive results can be quicker, faster, richer and generally sales funded.

‘Is your business fast enough for the challenges of 2017?’

A reality check – if your business is not selling, or increasing sales month on month, and you do not have the knowledge or time to change that situation, then the cold hard business fact is your business is dying.

This is your chance to maximise your business success!  Question is are you going to take it?

Just click on the button opposite let’s start talking!

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